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She lives her life cheerfully and bravely, ignoring or defying the expectations of the close-minded and suspicious inhabitants of Cold Sassy. Perhaps the novel will end with Will finally being pleased with his life and the people in it.

Will is also taught social tolerance by Lightfoot, the Mill Town girl, considered white trash. Using this as an excuse, Grandpa Blakeslee asks Love to marry him as a business proposal. Bluford makes a ghostly appearance early in the novel.

The period of mourning typically lasts a full year. He not only has a funeral for Camp in defiance of religious tradition, but he is also able to persuade people to come to it.

Cold Sassy Tree: Character Profiles

Will Tweedy learns the real wisdom from his Grandpa Blakeslee, because Grandpa has a comforting and common sense religion.

She cuts his hair and makes him younger and more modern in outlook. Three weeks into the mourning period, Grandpa Blakeslee gets remarried. Her father also dies of TB, working in cotton factory. Will begins to question the meaning of life and death. Period 3 American Literature April 11, Character Analysis Struggles in life influence people to develop into who they will truly be.

Lias tells Will the story of his disastrous marriage to Sal who ran around on him and ruined his life. Cold Sassy Tree, set in post civil war, Georgia, is about a family that is undergoing a rapid transformation. He prays out loud to God as if he is an old friend.

Love allowed him to accept her presence within his family; he soon understood why Grandpa Blakeslee would marry her. The only one in town who doesn't like her is Will's Aunt Loma, who is jealous of her.

The father built an ornate tomb for his son in the cemetery to show that he was dead to the family. He marries a much younger woman, holds church services in his own home, and puts on a lavish burial for Camp, even though Camp kills himself.

Will was on the train tracks when the train was approaching, he laid flat on the trestle as it got closer; he survives by lying flat between the tracks so the train passes just overhead without touching him.

Cold Sassy Tree: Theme Analysis

This section contains words approx. Her death tears her family apart.

Cold Sassy Tree Summary & Study Guide

It is an offer she accepts. They see her as greedy, stealing another's man and house. Love Simpson has given up on love. He does not give her a birthday present or any modern conveniences in her house, though he can afford it.

Loma and Rucker criticize him constantly and drive him to despair. During his marriage to Mattie Lou, various difficulties affect his temperament. Although he comes from a conventional family, Will is a free spirit and often feels compelled to defy the rules governing his life.

This helps Will to feel the presence of God: The town is prejudiced, but Rucker is open-minded. She felt as if it were indecent to ask for them so soon—at the same time her father was asking someone to be his wife.

Grandpa surprises Will by giving Hosie Roach, a mill worker, a job in the store. He apologizes to her and kisses her, but she sticks by her arrangement with Grandpa.

Overall, Will Tweedy is portrayed to be a loyal, considerate and courageous character. He loved his wife deeply, but the romantic side of his marriage had long been dead.

It takes Love Simpson to change his rough ways. Miss Love has succeeded despite a troubled childhood. character analysis Will Tweedy Will is the involved narrator of the story, and protagonist in his own act of story telling which involves about a year and a half of simply growing up in a small town.

Five secrets that Will knows about the other characters in Cold Sassy Tree: 1)Will Tweedy's grandfather, Grandpa Rucker Blakeslee, announces shattering news to. Rucker Blakeslee, a grandfather, patriarch, and successful storeowner, is the commanding center of Cold Sassy Tree.

His imposing physical stature reflects his authority over his family and the ease with which he flouts Cold Sassy’s conventions. Cold Sassy Tree: Character Analysis (Will Tweedy) Will Tweedy is a fairly dynamic character.

Sep 27,  · Cold Sassy Tree Character Analysis Will Tweedy Essay. Aubrey H - Cold Sassy Tree Character Analysis Will Tweedy Essay introduction. Period 3 American Literature April 11, Character Analysis Struggles in life influence people to develop into who they will truly be.

A summary of Chapters 32–35 in Olive Anne Burns's Cold Sassy Tree. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Cold Sassy Tree and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

Cold sassy tree character analysis will
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